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" Why Choose Us ? "
spring cleaning Reliable and Consistent
spring cleaning We are affordable
spring cleaning We take pride in customer service
spring cleaning We use tested and proven methods of cleaning
spring cleaning Environmental responsibility
spring cleaning looks out for your health by environment friendly products
spring cleaning Trained staff for onsite excellence
spring cleaning we are flexible to any kind of schedule you require
Your carpets play a very important role in maintaining a healthier environment inside your house. Professional carpet cleaning every 12-24 months is recommended by carpet manufacturers and health professionals as It can hold a lot of soil, moulds, bacteria, fungus, Pet dander’s, Skin flakes, Dust Mites, Debris etc. without appearing dirty.

At spring cleaning we understand that your carpets are expensive and years of dirt tracking and stains makes it look like they should be replaced.  We recommend you to contact Mr. C J, before you make an expensive decision to discard your old carpet.

" Carpet cleaning by Mr. C. J. results in well-maintained carpets, a reduction of allergens, dirt and dust and a healthier environment for you and your family ".

Before we begin with the carpet cleaning service, we perform a complete analysis of your carpet, noting any heavily-soiled or high-traffic areas. Then our experts use our highly-effective methods to remove ground-in dirt and allergens that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. We not only clean your carpet, but also sanitize it with our unique sanitization process, which leaves your home healthier.

Mr. C J follows a high-quality carpet care to ensure that we exceed your expectations. Our carpet cleaning services are based on few solid principles that we endorse very enthusiastically.

Dedicated to great customer service, exceptional quality, and prompt service

Using superior equipments available ensure that best service is delivered

We use environmentally friendly and safe cleaning products that are not harmful to pets or children

Highly-trained staff who are professionally screened

Quick, convenient and hassle-free service

Carefully handle the furniture and place it back to the original positions

Our prompt and customer-friendly approach ensures that there is minimal disturbance to your lifestyle

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